Data Bank Education and Feedback Forum

The Division of Practitioner Data Banks (DPDB) created a Data Bank Education Forum, made up of registered users who offer their feedback periodically, to help build a strong Data Banks community. The primary mission of the Forum is to discuss issues regarding the Integrated Querying and Reporting System (IQRS); identify enhancements that make interaction with the IQRS better; review current IQRS querying and reporting issues; and address Data Bank operational issues.

How the Education Forum Works

The Data Bank reaches out to various geographical regions of users to convene Data Bank Education and Feedback Forum meetings, gathering comments and suggestions from people who interact with the IQRS on a regular basis. Meetings are held periodically.

What’s Been Accomplished

Recommendations made during past meetings that were developed into enhancements:

  • Monthly e-mail summary of the entity’s Continuous Query formerly known as Proactive Disclosure Service (PDS) activity.
  • Enhanced Continuous Query search capability allowing entities to find subjects using PDS results.
  • The ability to obtain a summary of historical queries and reports that were submitted by the entity within the last four years.
  • Added a new report data field which allows entities to specify the internal reference number of the report in their files.
  • The ability to save practitioner data when submitting a query or report.
  • The ability to save credit card information in the IQRS.