Verify and Update Your Address

The Report Response Service (RRS) is where you update your home and work addresses as they are maintained within the Data Bank. The Data Bank, by law, must process a report exactly as it is received by the reporting organization, and the reporting organization is responsible for the accuracy of the information reported.

To Update Your Address on a Report

You can update your address information using the Report Response Service.

  1. On the Data Bank Web site, click Respond to a Notification on the Data Bank home page. The Respond to a Notification page displays.
  2. On the Respond to a Notification page, enter the Report Number and Password provided in your notification of the report and then click Sign In.
  3. On the Report Response Options page, click Change Address. On the Change Address page, you may correct or update your home and/or work address. On the Subject Statement and Dispute page you can add, modify, or withdraw a dispute or a Subject Statement.
    Note: Making sure your address is correct helps to ensure that you are notified of any changes to your report.

Other Report Response Service Options

While in the Report Response Service, you can follow online instructions to:

  • Place the report in dispute, if you feel the report is factually inaccurate, by checking the box in the Dispute section
    Note: Once a report is in dispute, you must contact the reporting organization to try to resolve it. If after 30 days, you and the reporting organization are unable to come to a resolution, you can elevate the report to Secretarial Review (doing so is optional).
  • Add a statement that explains your side of the event.
    Note: You may add a statement at any time, (doing so is optional) you do not have to dispute the report to add the statement. The statement must not exceed 4000 characters and must not contain personally identifiable information.
  • Elevate the report to Secretarial Review after 30 days in dispute.
    Note: The request for Secretarial Review is not processed unless you have placed the report in dispute for 30 days and have tried to resolve the issue with the reporting organization.

For additional information about the Report Response Service, see Submit a Statement, Dispute a Report, and Elevate a Report to Secretarial Review.