Cancel a Continuous Query (PDS) Enrollment

You must cancel a practitioner’s enrollment in Continuous Query when they leave your organization. If the practitioner’s enrollment is not canceled, your lack of action might result in a civil money penalty. Once an enrollment is canceled it cannot be reactivated; however, a practitioner can be reenrolled at a future time. Enrollments canceled before their renewal dates are not refunded. You may choose to return the practitioner’s information into the Data Bank subject database when you cancel their Continuous Query enrollment.


Note: Users of ITP or QRXS must cancel a Continuous Query profile through their respective system.

To Cancel a Continuous Query Enrollment for a Practitioner

If you would like to cancel a practitioner enrollment, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Data Bank and click Continue.
  2. On the Options page, click Proactive Disclosure Service.
  3. On the Proactive Disclosure Service page, click Manage Subjects.
  4. On the Manage PDS Subjects page, select the name of the practitioner or click Search Subjects.
  5. From the PDS Subject Details page, click Cancel Enrollment.
  6. On the Submitter Certification page, choose the cancellation date; it can be immediate or on a future date. To receive confirmation on your cancellation, check the enrollment confirmation box.Note: If you employ locum tenens practitioners, choosing a future cancellation date is an easy way to automatically end PDS. Setting a future cancellation date is also ideal for retirement situations, where you can set up the enrollment cancellation while processing the rest of a practitioner’s internal paperwork. You can change or remove the future cancellation date anytime prior to cancellation.
  7. After completing the Certification section, click Submit to Data Bank(s). The Cancel Confirmation page appears. You may print this for your records.Note: Enrollments that are not renewed within one month of the expiration date are automatically canceled. Canceled enrollment data is retained for 4 years, and confirmation of enrollments are provided during that time, upon request.

Canceling Multiple Practitioners
To easily cancel a large numbers of practitioners at one time, do the following:
1. From the PDS Options menu, click Cancel Subjects.
2. On the Cancel PDS Enrollments page, select multiple practitioners.