Standard Reporting

Reporting through the Data Bank Web site is the primary method used by most health care organizations registered with the Data Bank. (The other method is reporting through an external application.) The Web-application through which reporting (and querying) takes place is called the Integrated Querying and Reporting Service (IQRS).

The IQRS makes it easy for you to submit required reports accurately and within time limits, whether you are submitting a Medical Malpractice Payment Report (MMPR), an Adverse Action Report (AAR), or a Judgment or Conviction Report (JOCR).

Also, the IQRS guides you through submitting a correction, revision, or void of your initial reports.

How to Start

First, verify that you are an eligible and registered organization. Then, go to the Data Bank Web site, sign in, and follow the steps in Submit a Report. Online instructions and Help are provided to guide you through the reporting process.

Note: To query and report, you must sign in as a user, not as the Data Bank Administrator.

What Happens Next

Upon submitting the report to the Data Bank, you will receive a Temporary Record of Submission with a confirmation number, which you can use to verify that you submitted the report. Within 4 to 6 hours of receipt, the Data Bank sends you an official Report Verification Document. You must verify the report data on the Report Verification Document and correct any errors online.

The Data Bank mails a copy of the processed report to the practitioner or organization named in the report.

Note: Each NPDB reporter must mail a printed copy of the report to the appropriate State licensing board.

Other Links You’ll Need

To help you in creating complete, effective, and correct reports, consult the following: