Access Continuous Query (PDS)

When you enroll practitioners in Continuous Query you improve your credentialing process because you know immediately when reports are filed on your practitioners. It is like performing a query every day on your enrolled practitioners without doing the work. You will receive notice within 24 hours of the Data Bank’s receipt of all licensure actions, Medicare/Medicaid exclusions, medical malpractice payments, civil and criminal convictions, clinical privilege actions, and any negative action or finding concluded against a health care organization. And, as long as your practitioners are enrolled, you won’t have to perform a manual query.

To Access Continuous Query Notifications

Accessing these notifications is easy. You receive an email letting you know that a report is in the Data Bank. The notice of new, corrected, revised or voided reports alerts you to the new information as it happens. Report disclosures are available in PDF format and are available as long as the report is active and the practitioner is enrolled in Continuous Query. Plus you have access to all of your enrolled practitioner’s information any time.

  1. Sign in to the Data Bank with your Data Bank Identification Number (DBID), User ID, and User Password. Click Continue on the Registration Confirmation page.
  2. On the Options page, click Proactive Disclosure Service.
  3. On the Proactive Disclosure Service page, click View Report Disclosures.
  4. On the PDS Report Disclosures page, click a Report DCN link to view detailed information about the report.
  5. Click the Subject link to view the PDS Subject Details page. This page includes enrollment information and all reports on the practitioner.
    Note: You can sort report disclosures by clicking the column heading links. To view specific groups, select filter criteria and click Filter Results.