Statistical Data


Access to Data Bank statistical data is provided to assist in the learning, analysis, and decision making that is vital to your organization. These data provide information about the kinds of organizations that use the Data Bank and the types of reports that are received each year. No personally identifying information is provided.

Public Use Data

The NPDB Public Use Data File contains information on specific variables taken from Adverse Action Reports and Medical Malpractice Payment Reports received by the NPDB on licensed health care practitioners, as well as information from reports of Medicare and Medicaid exclusion actions. This file is updated quarterly and is designed to provide data for statistical analysis only.

Annual Reports

The annual reports provide Data Bank specific information, including new operating procedures and improvements, as well as statistical tables. The NPDB annual reports provide statistics on reporting, malpractice payments, adverse actions, disputed reports, queries, and matches. The HIPDB annual reports provide statistics on report and query records of health care related civil judgments, criminal convictions, and other adjudicated actions.