Notification Preferences

Data Bank Administrators (for health care organizations and authorized agents) and users can set up and change preferences on the type and frequency of notifications received. These notifications, received either by email or U.S. mail, are primarily for announcements or updates of report disclosures, change notifications (e.g., name, age, address), and the Data Bank newsletters.

How to Get Started

To set your preferences for receiving notifications, sign into the Data Bank Web site. Then, depending on your role — Data Bank Administrator or user — use the following to set up or change preferences:

  • Data Bank Administrators can manage their personal notification preferences and their users’ notification preferences using the Maintain User Account utility within the Integrated Querying and Reporting Service (IQRS).
  • Data Bank Administrators can manage health care organization notification preferences using the Entity Notification Preferences utility within the IQRS.
  • Users can manage their notification preferences by updating their user account.

What Happens Next

Regardless of how you receive your notifications, electronically or U.S. mail, refer to the following table for a list and description of the notification types.

Description of Notifications
Type of Notification Description of Notification
Report change A report on a practitioner or organization that has changed and is available via the Data Bank. Initially, health care organizations received report changes via U.S. mail. Now you can receive report changes electronically, via IQRS or QRXS (Querying and Reporting XML Service).

Note: Report Change Notices are sent to organizations that previously queried on and received a report in the past 3 years.

Continuous Query formerly known as Proactive Disclosure Service (PDS) report disclosure A new or changed report on a practitioner that is enrolled in Continuous Query and that is available electronically via the IQRS. This notification is only available via email.
Continuous Query, querying, and reporting monthly summary Monthly emails that summarize your organization’s Continuous Query, querying, and reporting activity. The e-mails include, for Continuous Query users, information on upcoming enrollment renewals, new subject enrollments, cancellations, unviewed output, and report disclosures. For queriers and reporters, the e-mails include information on queries and reports submitted, report change notifications received, and counts of unviewed responses. All users will receive, when applicable, notification of an entity registration that will expire soon and notification of stored credit cards that are expiring soon or have already expired.
Query, report, or Continuous Query enrollment response A query, report, or Continuous Query enrollment response is complete and available electronically via the IQRS. You can choose to have notifications sent to both your organization and your agent(s) or only to your organization or only to your agent(s).
Data Bank newsletter Notification that the latest edition of the newsletter is available. All health care organizations receive the newsletter electronically. To make notification changes, use the Entity Notification Preferences utility.
Administrative event Electronic notification of events such as:

  • When it’s time to renew your Data Bank registration
  • The successful processing of your organization’s registration
  • Activation, deactivation, or update of an organization/agent relationship